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“Email Marketing and list building is still one of the most valuable methods of online marketing.”

Email Marketing Services for Businesses

Email Marketing is simple, affordable and effective. It’s still one of the most powerful ways to get your message to your customers.  95% of online consumers use email and, 91% check their email at least once a day. Combined with a solid lead generation process through, for example, landing pages, using email to sell through education is one of the most certain methods of selling your products and services.

Email Marketing is a great way to permission market and build trust with your consumer base. Using a consistent process, method, template and message you can maintain share of mind, and keep in front of your consumer base. Tie it in with your social media strategy, and you can create a well rounded campaign. Re-marketing is a powerful tool that is also often not considered. Many tools allow you to analyse what emails were opened when, by who and what they clicked on. This data can then be used strategically to follow up potential leads.

How I can help your business


Taking everything into consideration

Working to a plan for email marketing is essential. To get he best from any campaign, it needs to be tied in with other online as well as offline activities, and even activities of other related events. Having a forward plan takes the stress out of thinking what to do for each release, so let us help you make sure everything goes out on time.


Build engaging campaigns

A compelling email design is more than just look and feel, its about engaging with the target and drawing them into interacting with the content. By creating compelling email graphic and content designs that match your brand, you will enjoy better engagement from the target audience.

Email Marketing Design
Monitoring Email Campaigns


Understand your campaigns and find opportunities

Targeting, creating, designing and sending email campaigns is only half of the story. The real value is in understanding who engaged and what they did. Using crucial information like this opens further opportunities to communicate with those who have show an interest in your products or services. We specialise in making sure you get as much return on your investment as possible.


Understand and comply to the rules

Is your list collation and email marketing campaign compliant with the requirements of GDPR due to come in effect in May 2018? We help you understand the implications of the legislation, and the changes you may need to make now to stay on the right side of the law, and to keep your customers happy.

GDPR consultant
Digital Training Courses
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Learn how to do it yourself

To support our services, we have a range of training courses to help support our customers run their businesses. Through education we can all learn how to become more successful. We have a specific Mail Chimp training course. Take a look, and find out when the next course is being run.

Why choose us?


We work to your timescales and keep within the constraints of the project. Through mutual understanding and communication we work as a team to deliver your project to, or beyond, specification.

Multi Discipline

No matter what the technology or the platform, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help your project. Either in an advisory role or taking on the technical aspects ourselves, we can help your business succeed online


We have been trusted by many companies to plan, manage, monitor and maintain various aspects of their online presence. By choosing us you will be in the company of leading, respected companies from across the region and beyond.

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