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Digital Training Courses

A range of digital training courses for businesses and schools. Each can be run ans in-house or as an open course, and focus on giving knowledge to make your online life better.

Digital Training Courses for Businesses and Schools

Knowledge is power, and we believe that through our range our digital training courses we are giving you the knowledge to understand, manage and enhance your online presence.

For schools, we provide a range of awareness courses aimed at giving young students the knowledge to understand the implications of Social Media in particular, and to act responsibly online.

Digital Training Courses for Business
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Training Courses for Business

See how we can empower your business.

A short term investment in digital skills training will result in long term reward – empowering your organisation and your employees, maintaining your competitive advantage and ensuring you don’t get left behind.

Training Courses for Schools

A range of courses to educate and inform pupils and parents

Free ‘Digital Citizenship’ Training primary Pupils & Teachers: Helping Schools Promote Digital Competence, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing.

Digital Training for Schools
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