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Training Courses for Schools

A range of awareness courses that are designed to highlight the uses and dangers of Social Media for young people.

Digital Training Courses for Schools

Social Media and the different platforms are continuously evolving and how they are being used changes all the time. The underlying issues remain the same, so we have developed and deliver a range of short ‘Awareness Courses’ for younger people.

These courses aim to give young people a better understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of social media, common mistakes and misconceptions, personal safety, their own responsibilities and the consequences online actions can have.

Social Media Courses

Social Media Awareness

How to keep safe on Social Media

A short course/talk initially designed for year 6 children (10-11), who will be moving to secondary school in the next academic year. An informal presentation covering aspects of online safety, potential of sharing images, what not to share, exposure and reach, cyber bullying and real examples of what can go wrong, and how to avoid these situations.

Online Safety

Helping children to stay safe online

A workshop based course where we step through each of the key platforms and run through features and functions of each to ensure they have the safest setting. currently focusing on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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